Discredit Rotaru found a defense against the attacks of speech in Russia

In the Network continue to discuss the news that the legendary singer Sofia Rotaru allegedly sponsored by the APU. Against this background, journalists began to “dig” for the singer and the result was another reason for persecution of the artist.

Today everyone is discussing the fees of the legendary actress Sofia Rotaru for the new year corporate parties. Many not a little surprised that the artist wrung such a serious amount LigaNews reports with reference to Russian Dialogue.

It became known that the concert of the famous singer in new year party will cost 60 thousand dollars. It is also worth noting that the rider of the singer indicated about the additional transportation costs of its staff, which are paid in addition to the above amounts.

Most interesting is that the artist team live in different cities, so to collect it in one place, also need to spend a lot of funds.

Producer Joseph Prigogine decided to comment on the persecution of an outstanding artist Sofia Rotaru after the news about the price of her new year parties. He once said that people should have to stop counting other people’s money. However, once the topic is already over it went, he wished to point out that Ukrainian and Russian singers and so earn little, if compared with foreign artists.

“The average stars of this caliber are getting 60 thousand dollars. And in the Soviet Union many famous people died in poverty,” – said Prigogine.

According to Joseph, large queries Rotaru for performance is justified, as many do not even know how much financial means is spent on the maintenance team, costumes, staging rooms and other incidentals.

Also the producer said that Rotaru, the legendary prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva, began his career with concerts, where their earnings were only seven rubles, so that only now they can enjoy plenty of life with a normal earnings.

As previously reported, the Russian Dialogue, the son Rotaru spoke about influential people who defended the artist because of the scandal with the prohibition act of the Russian Federation. Ruslan Evdokimenko could not restrain his emotions and decided to make a public statement against the background of accusations towards his mother, Sofia Rotaru. The legendary actress accused the financial support of the APU and strongly insist on the abolition of concert activity in Russia.

It is also known that Edita commented on the situation with Sofia Rotaru. The news of the return of the popular singer Sofia Rotaru literally defeated the public, which has reacted ambiguously to such news. Not spared this news and the stars of Russian show business.


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