Presenter Skobeeva after a call to the President of Ukraine Zelensky told him compliments

Journalist Olga Skobeeva called the head of the Ukrainian state and, after talking with him on the phone, recorded the footage. Compliments policy leading not stingy.

Russian TV presenter Olga Skobeeva reported details of a telephone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky, calling upon the latter to communicate in Paris, where they’re going to the summit “Channel four”, informs with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

Live political talk-show “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1” were shown a snippet of her phone conversation with the President of Ukraine. The journalist has talked to the Ukrainian leader on the loudspeaker. Apparently, leading the call to Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting, and he took the call was a prank.

“I’m always interrupted when some of the conversation. Because I think, you never know who it was that happened, happened. And since I understand that you have nothing happened, did not happen, neither with your friends and family, I am sorry, it will continue to communicate with their colleagues,” said Zelensky and hung up, despite attempts by Kabaevoj hold it for a moment on the line.

“But here’s some we had the “Norman format”. But please note – terribly sensitive, very tactful, very pleasant people. Vladimir, I understand your concerns, but this is not a hoax. Called do I, and we would really like you to record an interview. Your press service for some reason is failing. You realize that we, of course, not the aggressors. You realize that we, of course, concerned and passionate hope for the normalization of Russian-Ukrainian relations”, – shared his impressions Skobeeva.

Additionally, the President of Ukraine made suggestions what to do with the residents of Donbass, who still feels the desire to go to Russia.


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