Scientists have found traces of mass deaths of Justinian’s plague

Ученые не нашли следов массовой гибели людей от Юстиниановой чумы

Experts from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, came to the conclusion that a global pandemic of Justinian’s plague could not exist. This was reported by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists analyzed historical sources and found that the beginning of the alleged epidemic in 541-542 years was well documented, however, subsequent outbreaks have been poorly represented.

The researchers suggest that the plague really happened in Constantinople, but in this case we cannot talk about a global epidemic. Many sources in this case do not indicate economic decline, which would, of course, was accompanied by a massive epidemic.

The plague of Justinian was the first of several large-scale epidemics with similar symptoms. She broke out in Byzantium and the Mediterranean in the mid-sixth century claimed more than 100 million people. Another similar episode in the mid-fourteenth century was the black death, which wiped out about one third of Europe’s population.

Last year a group of archaeologists from Sweden, Denmark and France have discovered the world’s oldest trace DNA of the plague bacteria Yersinia pestis in one of the collective graves in the territory of South-West Sweden.


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