South Korea has arrested a Russian vessel

Authority of Singapore port was arrested for debt placed under American sanctions, the Russian ship “Sevastopol”, said the Deputy Director of the company “Hudson” (the ship) fleet management Oleg Anikin “RIA Novosti”. According to him, they want to seek permission for sale of the vessel through the courts. The amount of debt the Deputy Director said.

“When the ship came to Singapore, we broke down the auxiliary engines. Addressed in Singapore repair company. But, as the steamer is under sanctions, 80% of the companies refuse to fix it, and who agrees, puts a very heavy price tag,” said Mr Anikin. He added that the company tried to bring the workers from Russia, but the authorities in Singapore did not let them on Board under various pretexts.

“In the end for the berthing of a vessel a debt, and the authorities arrested the ship,”— said the Deputy Director of the company. According to him, the ship now can’t get out of the port. Also, the company does not sell fuel. On Board were 12 crew members. Mister Anikin has noted that they have food and electricity. “The port authority said they take the ship under control and no one to court will not be let on Board to produce. The court is scheduled for 17 December,” he said. According to Mr. Anikin, Singapore hoped that the court would give him the ship, then it can get out from under the US sanctions, after which the vessel can be sold. The shipowner has appealed to the Russian Consulate and is in contact with diplomats.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported that “Sevastopol” were detained by South Korean authorities in Busan. The South Korean side suspected the ship to prohibited by UN security Council sanctions trade with the DPRK.

Recall that the U.S. has made in the sanctions list of Korea two Russian companies and six vessels, including a shipping company “Hudson” owned by her and the ship “Sevastopol”. Them the United States authorities suspected oil shipments to the DPRK


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