Scientists called the error calls to increase protein intake

Ученые назвали ошибкой призывы увеличивать употребление белка

Scientists from Purdue University found that eating large amounts of protein is beneficial to a few. This writes the journal Advances in Nutrition.

It is noted that we are talking about increased consumption of protein products compared to the norm of 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight. About whether it would be useful in General to increase the protein in the human diet, you need to decide in each case, emphasize the scientists.

The researchers analyzed the 1520 works, which selected the 18, covering more than 900 participants. Consideration was given to such parameters as age, weight, daily activity and consumption of protein. The study addressed the comparison of muscle mass in healthy people over the age of 19 for a period of six weeks or more.

So, the scientists came to the conclusion that surgery protein is beneficial to those who is increasing muscle mass through strength training.

“This means that it makes no sense to encourage everyone to increase your protein intake” — quoted the head of research Wayne Campbell “RIA Novosti”.

Those who wanted to lose weight but worried about the Christmas feasts, Campbell gave the following recommendations.

“Do not reduce all the foods that you usually eat because you inadvertently cut and proteins. Instead, try to maintain or even moderately to increase foods rich in protein. Reduce carbohydrates and food containing saturated fats,” she said.

It is emphasized that people who do not lose or gain weight, i.e. are of neutral metabolic condition, body composition does not change due to the increased consumption of protein. The exception is older women who have a small protein diet, but regular exercise.

The nutritionist gave the Russians a few tips on nutrition. So, the day should be taken two or three protein meals of animal and vegetable origin. Also it is necessary to include legumes such as asparagus and spinach. With meals of animal origin should be more, said the expert.


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