A woman miraculously survived after her heart stopped for 6 hours

When Audrey Schumann, who went with her husband on a hike, fell in a snow storm, her heart stopped for 6 hours — but the 34-year-old teacher miraculously survived. According to doctors, the case of a woman who survived the longest cardiac arrest in the history of Spain, it is “unique“.

Audrey and her husband were walking in the mountains, when caught in a storm and, although the woman’s heart stopped for a long 6 hours, severe hypothermia saved her life. Body temperature is Audrey almost instantly dropped to 18C, allowing the body to hold on before arrival of doctors and full resuscitation.

Husband of Audrey, roan, remember what happened to the smallest detail. According to the man, Schumann suddenly became “carry some sort of nonsense“, then her eyes went back — and after a moment she fainted, stopped breathing.

Geplaatst door Audrey Schoeman op Zondag 26 mei 2019

Soon rescuers arrived, and the woman was taken to hospital by helicopter. Audrey’s heart still wasn’t beating, my kidneys were not working. Fortunately, the doctors realised that all is not lost: first woman hooked up to life support, to “warm up” and re-launched the heart with a defibrillator.

“It seemed that she died, but we knew that given the hypothermia, Audrey has a chance for salvation. — explains Dr. Edward Argudo — If her heart stopped, but the body was of normal temperature, she would not have survived.”

Audrey admits that almost does not remember anything about what happened — but never ceases to marvel at his miraculous rescue.

“The more I learn, — says Schumann — the incredible seems the fact that I do live.”


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