Dentist rode gyrometer while removed patient under anesthesia tooth

While Veronica Wilhelm of Alaska was lying in the dental chair while under anesthesia, her dentist removed her teeth, standing on gyrometer, and it was all filmed on video.

The incident occurred in July 2016, and the trial of the medic started in November and should be finished this week, reports KTUU.

According to the suitfiled by Alaska in April 2017, dentist Seth Lockhart sent the video to friends and family members, he quipped that “the operation in the mouth, standing on gyrometer is the new standard of care”.

Photo: KTUU

The court told Veronica that, of course, the dentist before the operation did not tell her. She added that she would never have agreed to such.

“I would say, “Hell no! It’s unprofessional. This madness”, – said Veronika Wilhelm.

Video Lockhart is on gyrometer in the operating room at the time, like pulling a tooth of a patient. Soon after, he leaves the room, takes off his gloves and raises both hands up, jumping down the corridor.
Lawyer Lockhart, Paul Stockler apologized to the patient.

“I, as his lawyer, I’m sorry for what he did. This is unacceptable, and believe me, when I agreed to represent him, I confronted him face to face and told him that I think about it”, – said the lawyer.

Veronica said that she forgave the doctor, but thinks that what he did is outrageous, arrogant and crazy.

“Obviously, this lesson will be expensive to cost you”, – the woman noted.

In addition to the charges of incompetence, Lockhart also faces more serious charges of fraud with medical help. As it turned out, his dentistry license was suspended in June 2017, and he continued to practice.


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