Lukashenko has declared, that never will surrender Belarus and Russia will not put the country to its knees – enterprises with Putin will not be

Лукашенко заявил, что никогда не сдаст Белоруссию России и не даст поставить страну на колени - объединения с Путиным не будет

Лукашенко заявил, что никогда не сдаст Белоруссию России и не даст поставить страну на колени - объединения с Путиным не будет

Belarus does not intend to join Russia or to create a single Parliament. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in his address to the deputies of the house of representatives and Council of Republic of National Assembly of sixth and seventh convocations stated that he was not going to surrender the independence and sovereignty of Belarus.

“We have never intended and do not intend to be a part of any state, even the brotherly Russia, – said Lukashenko. – Remember: I’m not a kid who worked for 3-4-5 years President. And I don’t want to undo all that we have done together with you, the people, creating a sovereign independent state, so that it now lay in a box with a cross on top. And somewhere to throw or pass. This to me will never happen. This is our country. We are sovereign and independent. This should be proud”.

He added that if no one is going to seize Belarus, “why do it yourself the good – independence and sovereignty – someone to carry and give”.

“We in history has already had enough of these lashes, shoes, timelessness, reminded Lukashenko. We don’t have to give a reason to someone wanted us to bow and to bend your knees”, quoted the head of state the Belarusian Agency “BelTA”.

The head of Belarus noted that currently most attention is riveted to the Belarusian-Russian relations, and interest in their development extends far beyond the States themselves.

“Say the main thing: the Russian Federation is our strategic partner, our brothers live there. It is a partner in the economic, political and military spheres. Belarusian-Russian good-neighbourliness, time-tested… We can argue, we can disagree with each other, but in the end we always were, are and will remain allies. Belarus in this dialogue intends to work constructively, but more importantly the human condition – equal relationships, on an equal basis,” – said Lukashenko.

“If someone is worried that tomorrow will be a common Parliament, on this subject, even talk no. If someone is worried about the fact that tomorrow we will have President Lukashenko, and someone else (I mean now, without elections), too, don’t worry. We do not conduct a dialogue on political issues. With President Putin in Sochi more than a year ago agreed amicably. I told him we can’t handle these issues, if we start to discuss them”, – said the head of state.

Lukashenka assured the citizens of his country, that knows and sees that the Kremlin “someone starts to twist in their view” the process of Union uniting the two countries. “In Russia people are different. Someone wants somebody commercials. Someone because of their personal interests and other starting to twist, to spin. I can see and control the process. And the final decision we will take together (with the head of Russia Vladimir Putin – approx.ed.). According to them and our Constitution.”

The President said that Belarus in General do not need anything from Russia: “We just need to were filled with those of our arrangements (spirit and letter) that we made. If the Union, on an equal basis. And what other basis of Union? Annexation, capture, enslavement? No, this is not the time, and with the Belarusians, so to speak, no one will. We simply will not allow to do it. Therefore, only equal relationship”.

The head of the Union state with Russia have paid attention that sometimes one can hear statements that the Federal documents do not provide those or other moments. In this case, he said, should be judged not only in letter but also in spirit of the signed agreements and documents.

“Really, by signing these documents, we subscribe to the fact that every year we will be worse. Absurd full. We signed up and went to the Union, the Foundation of which today is, and must be Russian, only in order to work together to make our history. And understand that we will get from Russia what we need and they get what they need. And we signed these treaties. They just need to execute,” – said Lukashenko.

The President assured that in the final stages of work on the programme of action for the deepening of integration of Russia and Belarus within the Union state, as well as on a package of road maps and a number of other agreements sensitive to both sides of issues. “Our team, led by the Prime Ministers on the sixth of December in the evening or afternoon will discuss. I suggested to Putin to do the sixth. And seventh, we will meet and see what has turned out Prime Ministers and heads of groups, and, if possible, make a decision,” – said Lukashenko.

On Saturday, December 7, in Sochi scheduled meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin. December 8, the country will mark the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty establishing the Union state.

In December 2018, the presidents of Russia and Belarus decided on the creation of the intergovernmental working group on the development of integration. Premier of Belarus Sergei Rumas in September 2019, explained that the new programme of action for the development of the Union state will be spelled out the first roadmap for the sectors of the economy. It is expected that 31 will be prepared this roadmap. Before the previous meeting of heads of government, the parties have agreed about 20 road maps.

In 2021, the two countries envisioned economic integration is to create a unified Tax and Civil codes, the foreign trade regime, to implement other measures. However, the Russian and Belarusian delegations led by premiers of the two countries in November 2019 are unable to resolve all disputed issues of economic integration were agreed upon only half of the roadmaps.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus and Russia have not solved a number of key issues, including oil and gas.

“Even the basic issue is not resolved at the dirty oil. But we failed in GDP mainly due to oil problems”, – said the President of Belarus.

The basic contradictions of the parties in the negotiations relate to issues of gas prices and compensation for the Minsk losses as a result of the tax maneuver in the oil sector of Russia.

On the eve of the meeting of Putin and Lukashenko, the media announced the merger of the two countries

In early December, a few days before the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus in Sochi on issues of the Union state, in the media of two countries was held with the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko, the two countries within the Association intend to create a single Parliament and government.

Quoted the following statement by the Ambassador: “the Presidents agreed that the objectives stated enormous and they should not change: it is the unified tax law, the creation of common markets of oil, gas and electricity, the creation of a single Parliament and government with certain powers when an independent Russia and Belarus give up certain control functions with enforceability. This problem is now resolved”.

According to the diplomat, most of the “road maps” to be agreed by December 6, that is the moment of the meeting between Putin and Lukashenko in Sochi.

After this news with headlines such as “Russia and Belarus unite,” “Russia and Belarus are creating a common Parliament and government” were widely distributed in the media.

However, Vladimir Semashko claimed that the Union of the parliaments and governments of the two countries, it only listed the paragraphs of the Union Treaty on integration concluded between Moscow and Minsk 20 years ago.


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