A mother weaned children throwing tantrums in stores

The parents admired the ingenuity of Christina and stated that now too, will try to do so.

A trip to the store with kids is always a challenge. A special torture starts before the winter holidays, when all the outlets are just crammed with children’s temptations.

Christina watts of Belfair (Washington, USA) is raising three children. My mom ironically said that the Parliament would have been if her children had a calm nature and, once inside the store, I began to beg for everything, but it’s not. Of course, you can’t buy the kids everything they want, so shopping often ended in tears and sometimes tantrums.

However, now the mother of the family knows how to deal with such trouble, and gladly shared advice tested last year. As soon as the offspring started to beg any thing for Christmas, mom got out the camera and took pictures of a favorite child with any object.

After this photo was allegedly sent to Santa Claus (by the way, some pictures are really sent, but not to the North pole, and grandparents, uncles and aunts who didn’t have to wrestle with the gift). In the end, the children received exactly what they wanted — although, of course, is not the whole list, it is not very important.

Other parents admired the ingenuity of Christina and stated that now too, will try to do so. However, there were people who accused the mother in the inability to refuse their children. The woman is ready to answer that. Her children are not spoiled and often hear the word “no”. As for shopping with the camera, then store the child often need to be heard and paid attention to his wishes that the mother does.


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