British police are appealing for witnesses after a strange accident, which killed Russian billionaire Dmitry Obrazki

Британская полиция ищет свидетелей странного ДТП, в результате которого погиб российский миллиардер Дмитрий Обретецкий

Police in the English County of Surrey began looking for witnesses of road accident in which fatal injuries received by Russian businessman Dmitry Obrazki. The corresponding statement of the police Department of the County was distributed on Thursday evening.

“The accident which collided with three cars, happened on the street Warren lane [in Oxshott] around 16:45 (19:45 GMT) on Monday, November 25, when 49-year-old Dmitry, living in Oxshott, was walking the dog”, – stated in the message.

The injured Russian was in a coma and was taken to the hospital, where he died November 30. His dog, Oscar, also died. “The investigation into the accident continues. We appeal to all who have DVRs records or information that could help the investigation, contact the division of serious accident”, – the document says.

The Surrey police issued an appeal family members Obrechennogo also asked for witnesses to the incident to contact police, reports TASS.

“We would ask people not to speculate about the circumstances of the incident as it may affect the investigation, and cause us unnecessary pain and anxiety in this difficult time for us. We also ask to respect our right to privacy at a time when we are trying to cope with grief after this horrific accident and the loss of our father and best friend”, – reads the statement of the children of the deceased.

Each billionaire Pavel Borovkov explained that Obrazki lived in London for the last eight years and was engaged there in real estate. “You know, in London people are very neat cars, I do not exclude the fact that he specifically shot down”, – said Borovkov.

In the British tabloids picked up the story of “the mysterious death of a Russian billionaire”, Recalling that in recent years, many Russian immigrants died in Britain under mysterious circumstances.

49-year-old Volgograd businessman Dmitry Obrazki was the owner of the group companies Magnat Trade Enterprise, founded in 1991. Initially the company specialized on operations with shares on the stock market of Russia. Later its activity changed to the trade in alcoholic products through a network of retail stores. Holding won the tender for the right to be the exclusive distributor of the world famous group Procter & Gamble in the Volgograd, Astrakhan regions and Kalmykia Republic. He also became a distributor for Mars and Nestle.

Branches of the “Tycoon” has opened across the country – from Astrakhan to Nizhny Tagil. In 2018, the revenue of the group companies amounted to 9 billion rubles. About Dmitry Obrechennogo say that he built a business process in their enterprises on the Western model.

Obrazky also owned a consulting firm “Advant” with revenue of 385 million roubles. In the early years, she participated in the competition for teaching team building of the staff of the savings Bank.

Scandalous trail stretches for Obrechennogo firm OOO “Stroy-city”, which recently went bankrupt, nedostroi residential complex in Volgograd. Deceived left almost five hundred investors. They had to enter their apartment back in 2015, writes Life.

Longtime business partner Obrechennogo in the construction industry and a close family friend Dmitry Tozik is now in jail. He is accused of deliberate bankruptcy of concrete plant, withdrawals and non-payment of staff salaries by 26 million rubles.

Before moving to the UK with his wife, son and two daughters Obrechennogo knew as a Russian patriot and an ardent football fan. During the quarter-finals of Euro 2008, where Russia defeated the Netherlands with a memorable 3:1, billionaire somehow turned out to be a platform for fan of the national team of Netherlands which was swung in an orange sea of flags the Russian tricolor, on which was written “Volgograd”. These frames are spread all over the world.


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