Saudi Arabia abolished the separate entrances for men and women in restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes in Saudi Arabia no longer will be required to have separate entrances for men and women. This follows from the statements of the Ministry of municipalities and rural Saudi Arabia. Details according to Reuters.

Early food service establishments must have let women and families through one entrance as men who are not their relatives through another. Tables for such visitors should be separated by partitions. In the past year, the restaurants and cafes behind the scenes has ceased to adhere to these rules.

The representative of the Ministry of municipalities and rural areas could not clarify whether the restaurants and cafes right along with single sign-on to do single rooms for men and women. However, he noted that food service establishments will be able to maintain separate entrances for women and men, if you want.

Furthermore, while there were no reports about changes in other public places such as schools and hospitals, which, apparently, is still segregation


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