Scientists have proven that dogs understand human language

Ученые доказали, что собаки понимают человеческий язык

For the study, researchers selected Pets of different breeds and analyzed their reactions to the words of a man.

Scientists from the University of Sussex in the UK proved that dogs understand well human speech and is able to identify them, writes in Biology Letters.

The study of Pets and their owners have placed in one room, where from the speaker was heard monosyllabic words prerecorded strangers. Each time the dogs heard the new word, different-sounding vowels, it showed a special interest in the source of the sound.

A detailed analysis of this experiment did the author of the project Holly Ruth Gutteridge, which found that dogs are able to not only hear, but also to distinguish the words of a man.

“The ability to spontaneously recognize as the same phoneme from different speakers, and signals to the identity of speech utterances from unfamiliar speakers are present in domestic dogs and, thus, is not a unique human trait”, — stated in the material.

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