A woman with disabilities peed myself when she was forbidden to go in public toilet

36-year-old Camille James from London is suffering from a disease of the bladder, which she regularly has to look for the restroom urgently. Recently, when a woman is once again urgently needed to pee, had a nasty accident: she asked the theater staff as to whether to use the local toilet and heard a “no” response.

Camilla went to pick up my son from school, but was forced to make an unplanned stop at one of the cinemas Vue. James explained that he is a person with disabilities, and she needs the toilet — but the staff simply did not believe.

Camille says that at first even thought it was some kind of joke — but the staff continued to stand his ground. They were not convinced neither by entreaties, nor even the capsule containing the insulin, which the woman carried with her in case of unforeseen circumstances.

When James tried to go to the toilet for persons with disabilities, one of the employees blocked her way and told “just go to Costa“. There was nothing for it but to obey and head back to the car, but the situation worsened significantly.

“When I came out and walked to the car, I felt that the bladder had failed. — recalls Camille — I just got in the car and started to cry. I couldn’t believe that something like that happened. <…> In the result, I smelled like urine when I picked my son up from school.”

Camille says she has encountered this attitude before — but for the first time decided to tell about the incident to the press. According to the woman, its main problem is that she suffers from an “invisible disability” whose symptoms are not noticeable at first glance.

“People need to understand what is an invisible disability. — she says — is Impossible to know what anyone else goes through”.


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