During the flight the passenger several times stung by a Scorpion

It turns out that the cost of the flight includes not only the cocktails served on Board.

One passenger airlines United Airlines, flying to Atlanta from San Francisco have experienced unbearable pain once found a Scorpion that several times she was stung, according to news publication USA Today.

An unexpected nightmare began on Friday, when the Scorpion, as it became known later, began to crawl on the pant leg of a woman whose name is not called, then she felt a burning sensation on his leg. Then she went to the bathroom on Board the aircraft, where they found a Scorpion, the news Agency TMZ.

“The woman claims that when a Scorpion fell from her leg, still alive, and crawled across the floor”, reports TMZ. “Finally, he was caught by flight attendants”.

Immediately after landing in Atlanta, the victim was immediately taken to the hospital, said in a statement, the spokeswoman for United Airlines.

“Learning that one of our passengers… got stung during the flight, our team responded immediately and consult with a doctor MedLink were on the ground, who provided medical advice”,- said the representative of United Airlines Natalie Noonan.

On Saturday evening about the status of women, nothing was known, though Noonan added: “We keep in touch with our passenger to make sure she was okay”.

A similar case occurred on February 14, Valentine’s Day, when a passenger caught on video, as Scorpio got out of overhead bins during the flight to Jakarta, told the Independent. The reaction of the passengers can easily imagine the result of this neighborhood.

Interestingly, the largest Scorpions can reach 9 inches in length, and their attack is potentially fatal to young children, the elderly and those who are allergic to the poisons, as reported on the website Scorpion Worlds.


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