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The interest of Internet users to the airwaves fell to the lowest level in the last three years

World wide web users are much less interested in the largest Aldona ether (ETH). This is evidenced by the analytical service Google Trends.

Over the last few months have seen a decrease in the number of search queries on the Internet relating to value of coins and Ethereum technology.

If you look at the graph change the trajectory of search queries, we can see that there is now the situation is similar with the second half of 2016.

A surge was observed only in mid-summer, when the air together with bitcoin demonstrated the rise. Then altain began to fall in price and is now trading at $148. Even hardwork Istanbul could not help the air to improve market position, interest in this asset remains very weak.

Most are now interested in the ETH network and Ethereum users are from Kosovo, China, Macao, Singapore and Northern Macedonia.

On Twitter drew attention to the fact that the recent fork was provoked by the failure of thousands of decentralized applications (DApps). This factor could lead to an outflow of a large number of users of the services that run on the basis of Ethereum, which also hurt the popularity of the project.

On the topic of bitcoin, it can be noted that users of the world wide web is now massively interested in the subject of the upcoming halving or reduce awards to miners in may 2020. The most active inhabitants of the North American and European regions.


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