Roskosmos has offered two variants of the rocket flight to the moon

«Роскосмос» предложил два варианта ракеты для полета на Луну

Two concepts of the program of creation of the carrier rocket of superheavy class has been submitted to the government, told RIA Novosti the General Director of the organization “Agat” Dmitry Chirkin.

“To date, the program superheavy carrier submitted to the government, and in what form it will be approved, it is difficult to say. There are two scenarios. Minimum 700 billion, the maximum is just over one trillion,” — said Chirkin.

Organization Agat — branch financial institution “Roscosmos”, carrying out economic examination of projects of the rocket-space industry. Previously, the Institute has established that the creation of super-heavy rockets needed at least 700 billion rubles.

Sources informed RIA Novosti in the rocket and space industry said that “Roscosmos” designing a super-heavy rocket “Yenisei” and its higher gross weight version of “don”. The first is able to deliver to low-earth orbit a payload at least 100 tons to the moon — 27 tons. The second — more powerful — 140 tonnes and 33 tonnes respectively. Missiles should be used to launch to the moon manned transport spacecraft “eagle” weighing 20 tons, the lunar landing-takeoff of the complex mass of 27 tons and modules of a lunar base with a mass of 27 to 32 tons. Before the decision on the creation of super-heavy launch lunar exploration was planned to carry out with a few launches of heavy rockets “Angara”, collecting the necessary modules in earth orbit and then delivering them to the moon.

A decree on the establishment of heavy missiles, President Vladimir Putin signed at the beginning of 2018. The first launch scheduled for 2028, the starting complex is to be built at the cosmodrome East.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the program of creation of the carrier rocket heavy class varies in the range from 1 trillion to 1.7 trillion rubles. We are talking about the development of the first flight of the product. The cost of each missile was called. However, because of the high cost, it was discontinued production of the American rocket “Saturn-5” and the further development of Soviet rocket N-1, as well as the exploitation of Soviet “Energy”.

Now in different countries is developed by the third generation of heavy carriers. In the US, the SLS, in Russia — “Yenisei”, in China “Changzheng-9”. In addition, the development of such similar media is a private us company SpaceX.

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