To keep her husband at home, his wife built a pub in the backyard

Paul is not against of spending time in the home pub

Paul tapper, an engineer from Devon (England), knows that the best way to relax after work is to drink beer at a local pub.

But his wife, Jane, this situation is not only not satisfied, but also very angry. Tired of the fact that the husband was always late, and on weekends trying to sneak out, she hired the workers and built their own pub in the back yard.

Small, playfully named “Inn The Doghouse”, allowed Jane to say that now her husband always sits in his “kennel”. However, the pub was not that severe and masculine, but very stylish and comfortable, so the woman enjoyed spending time there.

Of course, this construction has cost a pretty penny. One only the alignment of the garden left 15,000 pounds. Then began spending on the construction and decoration, and though Jane tried to save, looking for items on sale, she could not resist and bought a few exclusive items such as an old bench and slot game, “Space invader”. Adult children spouse delighted “Inn The Doghouse”, and the sex itself is not against of spending time in the home pub — especially as the wife allows him to invite friends.


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