“Pro-Russian” opposition in the Bundestag demanded to reveal the murder khangoshvili

"Пророссийская" оппозиция в бундестаге потребовала рассекретить дело об убийстве Хангошвили

The largest opposition party in the Bundestag, right populist “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), demanded the investigation to disclose all the details of the investigation into the murder of Georgian citizen Zelimkhan khangoshvili in Berlin. The issue will be discussed in the Bundestag next week. As told “Izvestia” in the international Committee of the German Parliament, the case “could be fabricated” for the deterioration of relations with Russia.

4 December, Berlin was declared persona non grata two diplomats of the Russian Federation and expelled them from the country. The official reason was named as the inadequate assistance of the Russian side the investigation into the murder khangoshvili, which is suspected Russian “Vadim Sokolov” (real name, according to investigative journalists – Vadim Krasikov). The Russian foreign Ministry the same day said about the future of the response, and the next day, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged Germany to use channels for communication with Russian law enforcement bodies.

Meanwhile, a member of the international Committee of the Bundestag from ADH Waldemar Gerdt stated that the government’s actions look as pandering to foreign interests, especially in anticipation of the “Norman summit”. Therefore, his party intends to raise the issue of providing all the details of the investigation to the General public, to exclude the possibility of politicization of the case. “Next week in the Bundestag we will raise the issue about the openness of the investigation and will do everything possible and impossible for the truth to come to light,” said the politician.

ADH is considered “Pro-Russian” party. In February this year, the Federal office for protection of Constitution of Germany (BfV), acting as counter-intelligence, discussed the connection between the Kremlin, ADH and another far-right party, the “Right”. According to intelligence, Moscow considers them “as possible allies in an attempt to destabilize the West.” Tabloid Bild wrote in may that the deputies of the Bundestag from ADH used diplomatic passports for travel to Russia and to Crimea without a visa. They were accused of violating regulations banning the use of diplomatic passports for private trips. According to Der Tagesspiegel, the representatives of the party also actively travel to the territory of the DNI and LC.

In the party of the “Left” also believe that the involvement of the authorities of the Russian Federation to the murder has not been proven, and new sanctions only confirm the politicization of the case. The German foreign Ministry said that they intend “to go to the end of this investigation with Russia,” and on the sanctions until it is not. The parties of the ruling coalition are unable to provide a prompt review.

Earlier media reported that the victim Zelimkhan khangoshvili involved in the organization of terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation, supported the banned in Russia “Caucasus Emirate”. In 2016 Georgia has declared him internationally wanted. It was reported that khangoshvili was the liaison between the leaders of illegal armed formations of the Caucasus Aslan Maskhadov, Shamil Basayev and Doku Umarov. In the result, they planned large-scale terrorist attack on Ingushetia were killed 98 people.

The killer asked for asylum in Europe, and the brother of the deceased feared for his life

According to Le Monde, Krasikov-“falcons” three days after the murder khangoshvili filed a request for asylum in France.

On 26 August, the German authorities have forwarded this request to the French Consulate in Moscow. The reason given was that Krasikov entered the Schengen area via Paris. In response, the representative of the interior Ministry of Germany said Der Spiegel that the Federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF), there is no asylum applications from any of the suspects.

Meanwhile, 46-year-old brother Zelimkhan khangoshvili Zurab call yourself next in the list of targets of the killers. “I was asked to be careful. I’m not getting one,” he told the Times (translation 35. InoPressa).

Concern for the fate of the older brother expressed and sister khangoshvili Zeinab. In addition, in an interview with German-language television OstWest she reported attempts of the Federal security service of Russia to recruit her husband when they lived in Volgograd. According to her, the wife offered to go to Georgia and become an informant when khangoshvili: when came to them “moved on to threats,” the family left Russia.


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