Named a way to sleep if you change the chart

Alexander Kalinkin, head of the Center for sleep medicine, Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, told how you should build your schedule for people with shift work. The specialist advised to look for a job, this schedule does not imply, however, told how to adapt if necessary.

Назван способ высыпаться при сменном графике

The sleep, which refers to noted that in the absence of the ability to find a new job the person should develop a schedule that allows for the entire week to go to bed and Wake up around the same time. According to the expert, the person working the night according to schedule “two by two” you should sleep during the day and awake at night even on weekends, leaving only a small “window” for carrying out any social action. The expert explained that the abrupt change of regime can affect the person negatively.

It should be noted that working the night shift really considered harmful to health. In 2016 a group of scientists under the leadership of céline Vetter from Harvard medical school concluded that women, more than five years worked the night shift, are more prone to cardiovascular diseases than those whose work schedule does not conflict with the circadian rhythms. Later researchers representing two hospitals in Copenhagen, came to the conclusion that this graph is especially undesirable for pregnant women.

At the same time, “night” lifestyle, regardless of whether it’s associated with the inconvenient schedule of work, can have unpleasant consequences in itself. Last year experts from Glasgow University found that people who are awake most of the night, more likely to suffer from mental problems such as bipolar affective disorder and clinical depression. There is also evidence that the wounds received in the dark, heal twice as long as “day” — it is assumed that some role is played by circadian rhythms.


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