Russian scientists have discovered a new gem on the Yamal Peninsula

Российские ученые открыли новый самоцвет на Ямале

In the mountains the ray-iz in Yamal found a new jewelry-ornamental stone raizet. The discovery was made by employees of the Ural state mining University (uggu). This was reported on the website of the press service of uggu.

Specifies that the color of the stone varies from a faint pink-grey to rich pink-purple lavender, reminiscent of his brilliance the brilliance of the opal. It is a mixture of serpentine minerals, dolomite with small amounts of talc and stichtite.

“Our expedition was short, but fruitful. The results served as the impetus for new interesting projects related to studies of the massif ray-iz, and the study and promotion of the Yamal ornamental and decorative stones,” said one of the perpetrators of the scientists, associate Professor in the Department of Mineralogy, petrography and Geochemistry uggu Mikhail Popov.

In February, fellow of the Institute of mining, Geology and geotechnologies, Siberian Federal University (SibFU) in Krasnoyarsk Gennady Swedes recognized as the discoverer of the new mineral — agnitude. The stone was found in dunite-Valitova array Ognit (also known as Medec) in the Irkutsk region. It identified as a result of investigations of sulfide copper-Nickel-platinoid ores. Initially he wanted to call the baykalit, but it turned out that such mineral is already there, although it is still not recognized officially.

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