Scientists have refuted the existence of a safe dose of alcohol

Ученые опровергли существование безопасной дозы алкоголя

“Safe” dose of alcohol does not exist. Even minimal alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer, according to a study of the joint Japanese-American research group.

Experts examined data on 33 patients Japanese hospitals — 62,2 thousand cancer patients and the control group of the same number of healthy volunteers. Those and others are told how much alcohol is consumed and how often it is doing, writes Medical Xpress.

For conventional unit passed 23 g of ethanol. This is equivalent to 180 ml of sake, 500 ml of beer, 180 ml of wine or 60 ml of whiskey. The low risk of malignant tumor were in patients who did not consume alcohol at all. Use one unit every day for ten years or two every day for five years increased the risk by 5%. Those who constantly use more than two doses per day, the risk was significantly increased regardless of the duration of drinking.

In late November, German researchers reported that women safely eat no more than 12 g of pure alcohol per day and men not more than 24 g. to maintain health is recommended just to drink or not to drink it at least two days a week, as it prevents the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the body, which in turn leads to the development of numerous diseases.


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