Discovered capable of destroying humanity asteroids

Обнаружены способные уничтожить человечество астероиды

Russia plans to create a national center of small celestial bodies for protection from asteroids and comets that can destroy humanity. Such bodies fall to Earth every 100 million years, told RIA Novosti the head of information-analytical centers of Roskosmos Igor Bakaras. Scientists will collect information and to track the movement of celestial bodies capable of destroying humanity.

Experts of the center will need to ensure the interaction of specialists “of the Russian space Agency, Russian Academy of Sciences, EMERCOM of Russia and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The staff will take the communication and exchange of information with colleagues from other countries and international organizations.

“With regard to methods of active resistance, then discusses various ways of destruction of a threatening celestial body or its de-orbit (kinetic impact, gravity tug, rocket engines, solar sails or focused solar energy, and more),” said Bakaras.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the scientists from Britain found the crater of the asteroid that fell to Earth about 1.2 billion years ago. According to assumptions of researchers, the celestial body had a diameter of about a kilometer and impact on climate change in the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

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