Product named for reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood

Назван продукт, снижающий уровень холестерина в крови

Researchers from the University of Taiba in Medina (Saudi Arabia) and the University Benji (Egypt) found that the use of extracts from seeds of oats lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. This was reported the Health portal News.

The researchers conducted experiments on mice, which they intentionally fed food with high fat content. It caused in laboratory rodents hyperlipidemia — a violation of lipid metabolism associated with the increase the concentration of bad (low density lipoprotein) and decrease good (high-density) cholesterol.

Excess cholesterol may be deposited on the walls of blood vessels and hinder normal blood flow. Such a violation is considered to be one of the major risk factors for heart attack or stroke. In addition, hyperlipidemia leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver, causing it irreparable damage, the researchers note.

The study revealed that the use of seeds of oats reduces the level of lipids in the blood of mice. In addition, this extract has led to normal liver function, poor diet high in fat.


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