“Calm Down, Greta!”: Trump called it absurd that ecoactivity named “man of the year” – Notepad Russia

The US President believes that the girl should go with a friend for a good old movie.

The President of the United States Donald Trump did not like that 16-year-old ecoactivists Greta Thunberg, Time magazine, called “man of the year”. Trump called it ridiculous. Thus it is felt that he regrets of a teenager from Sweden.

“Ridiculous! Greta has to work on his problem of anger management, then go with a friend in movie on the old movie! Calm down, Greta, calm down!”, – leads the RIA Novosti translation entries trump in his Twitter.

Thunberg before it became “Man of the year-2019” according to Time magazine. Editor in chief of Time, commenting on this choice, noted that the girl became the youngest person received the title 92-year history. Thunberg in 2018 instead of going to school began to come to the Swedish Parliament to demand the authorities to strengthen measures to combat climate change. Her initiative grew into an international movement Friday’s climate strike – FridaysForFuture.

Earlier Thunberg put in the description your profile the phrase “Very happy girl who looks forward to a bright and beautiful future”, which responded to her statement at the UN the US President Donald trump. Later Thunberg changed the description to “Good, but ill-informed girl,” after the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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