The number of victims of the eruption of a volcano in New Zealand has risen to 6, went missing 8 guests

Число жертв извержения вулкана в Новой Зеландии возросло до 6, без вести пропали 8 туристов

In New Zealand the number of victims of sudden eruption of the volcano on the Isle of Wight, the island had increased to 6. Died one of the victims of tourists. Total hospital stay of 30 people, including 25 with burns of the skin and respiratory system. On the eve of the three victims were discharged from health facilities, their health is not in danger, according Stormnews with reference to RNZ.

On December 9 one of the most popular tourist island with an active volcano, which is located in the Bay of plenty off the North island, was a powerful emission of ash to a height of more than 3.6 km To people hit by stones, hot toxic gas and ash.

According to some data, during the eruption there were 47 people – the citizens of Australia, USA, UK, China, Malaysia and New Zealand, including 37 passengers and one crew member of a cruise ship Ovation of the Seas, including 24 Australians.

Missing are 8 people. Flying over the volcano police, military and rescue aircraft found no signs of survivors. Because of the threat of a new eruption, the police could not start the search operation on the island.

RNZ also tells about a real hero, thanks to which many tourists on white island alive. Manager White Island Tours Floor king with his tour group had already left the island when the eruption began. After learning about the incident, he on an inflatable boat back and from the crater of the volcano in the difficult conditions brought about 20 people.

The New Zealand police started a criminal investigation after the death of people as a result of a volcanic eruption on the volcanic island, said the Agency “Interfax” with reference to Associated Press.

Deputy head of the police of New Zealand John Tims is not passed to go into the details of the investigation but indicated that investigators will carefully examine all the circumstances of the incident.

“We will examine whether those who bear criminal responsibility for what could not avoid victims. We will work with the evidence, to talk to people and investigate,” said Tims.

The Agency notes that the investigation may be, in part, due to the fact that tourists were allowed to visit the island, despite the fact that in November, seismologists announced an increased level of danger of eruption.


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