Scientists tested the popular method of opening beer cans

Ученые протестировали популярный метод открывания банки с пивом

Danish researchers found that pre-tapping a pot of beer prevents splattering of foam when opening. It is reported

Researched from the University of southern Denmark in Odense decided to test whether pre-tapping a jar with beer to reduce foaming, according to popular opinion.

The point of this method is usually explained as follows: the tapping releases the gas bubbles, which often sticks to the walls of banks. As a result, they would rush up and remain at the top of the tank, so the foam is supposedly going to be smaller.

“As a scientist, I always wanted to know whether it is effective,” said study co-author Elizaveta Sopina.

In the end, all banks were divided into four groups: that didn’t shake and that are not tapped; which is not shaken, but he had picked up; that was shaken, but not rattled; which shook and rattled.

Those banks that couldn’t stop shaking when opening lost an average of 3.45 grams of beer, and remained alone banks — 0.51 grams. The finger tapping had no effect on the results.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the only way to avoid losses and to keep your beer — do not hurry to open it immediately, if the Bank were shaking, and give her a stand alone.

In late November, German researchers reported that women safely eat no more than 12 g of pure alcohol per day and men not more than 24 g. to maintain health is recommended just to drink or not to drink it at least two days a week, as it prevents the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the body, which in turn leads to the development of numerous diseases.


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