Apple will sue for the surveillance of the employees

Apple засудят за слежку за сотрудниками

Former Apple employee Gerard Williams (Gerard Williams) decided to sue the company for violation of privacy. In particular, a claim Williams says about the tapping of his phone calls, reports The Next Web.

In a court document, which was available to journalists, lawyers Williams said that Apple was spying on their client. The company allegedly tapped telephone conversations and read SMS messages of your employee. Representatives of Williams stated that the employer had collected the data to have leverage on expert.

“Apple has not provided any evidence that its employees have agreed on fixing their text messages”, — stated in the lawsuit.

In turn, specific evidence of surveillance side is Gerard Williams also did not show.

Also, the lawyers noticed that Apple violates California law, forbidding employees to plan their career, working in the company. The lawsuit States that the firm Tim cook clips in a non-competitive contract provisions (non-compete clause) that are not legally binding in the state of California. The hearing is scheduled for January 21 in the Supreme court Santa Clara.

The statement of former Apple employee was a response to a claim the company filed, according to the documents, in August this year. In it Apple stated that a former engineer Williams has used the findings of the Corporation to create a company for the production of processors and poaching its employees. The lawsuit States that in February, Williams founded a competing firm Nuvia for the production of chips for data centers, which violated the agreement on intellectual property.

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