52-year-old man revealed intimate secrets: “sex life I’m happy, because…”

Pop king of Russian show business Philip without shame, revealed the details of his sex life.

As you know, the personal life of the legendary artist Philip Kirkorov has long been a mystery to his fans, reports LigaNews.

After divorcing prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva artist was careful to hide his romantic relationships with women. The singer attributed the many links with famous women, but none officially has not been confirmed.

Recently, the journalists met with the king of pop at one of the social evenings, where they again tried to ask him about the relationship. Artist, as usual, did not answer, but decided to reveal the details of his sex life.

“To me it is awkward to discuss with you. But believe me,I’m good. Their sex life I’m happy, because meet their needs as they want. And I want very much!” – said the favorite of the public.

Kirkorov also said that love for him – the high sense, which does not need to spread around the world.

As previously reported LigaNews, strange cost Pugacheva with Kirkorov. The prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva has caused much controversy in the Network as its ambiguous act against his friend and former lover Philip Kirkorov.

We also know that the grandson of Alla Pugacheva seriously ill, the star family is concerned. Nikita Presnyakov actively engaged in their social networks and communicates with fans. He is studying music and is the lead singer of his rock band. Grandson Alla Pugacheva has shared the news about his illness, which was seriously frightened by his star family.


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