On Aliexpress sell for pennies “starry sky” from Rolls-Royce

На АлиЭкспрессе за копейки продают "звездное небо" от Rolls-Royce

If you are staying in the car, I see over the head of the starry sky, then two options: either your car has a panoramic roof, or you (lucky) sit on the back of the couch “rolls-Royce”. Oh wait – there is a third: recently, you received a parcel from China!

Regular readers of Autovista know that in China very cool learned how to forge all sorts of automotive things and even to come up with something really useful. And more on Aliexpress is full of a variety of tuning, because the Chinese are particularly susceptible to the cheap shiny decorations. In today’s issue of the level of “luxury” will be the maximum, because in the vast Ali showed real high-status goods for a penny.

Remember one of the main attributes of the luxury British car brand Rolls-Royce? It’s upholstered ceiling with starlight, you need to fork out a lot of money when you buy, and from which the jaw-dropping observers.

So we found the same “starry sky”, which can be arranged at least in a car, at least in “Solaris”. And it should be a set of light styling on Aliexpress from 3 to 9 069 790 rubles, depending on the seller and execution!

На АлиЭкспрессе за копейки продают "звездное небо" от Rolls-Royce

The stated warranty is 2 years but in the case of purchases from China, we wouldn’t expect.

The Chinese kits “himself a rolls-Royce” usually included led 12-volt lighting module with a capacity of 16 watts, and related wiring, connectors, remote control and 3 metre optical cable that conducts the light and creates the end point of the glow. And, of course, instructions for installation of the entire economy in a car – the main thing that not in the Chinese language.

На АлиЭкспрессе за копейки продают "звездное небо" от Rolls-Royce

A choice of RGB and RGBW version, so we can put color according to your desire. And then there are different effects of flicker. Get that rolls Royce?

To make a “starry sky” with their hands, will have to remove the headliner and make a thin drill a bunch of holes. Astrolabe, for example, can neverlet constellations to your liking – at least the Big dipper. Then have a long and hard paste portions of the optical cord into the ceiling and fix with transparent glue. Then the whole beam is connected to the LED module, and the whole structure is powered on regular or electrician connects to the 12V outlet. Voila – the starry sky “Rolls-Royce” is ready. Feel like a rural king disco!

Reviews from real buyers, unfortunately, very little, so recommend these kits for purchase on our part would be irresponsible. Not if you have an extra couple of thousand and the headliner, which is not afraid to spoil something, why not 🙂


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