“Natural” human life span turned out to be unexpectedly small

By comparing the information about 262 different species of vertebrates, the American scientists came to the conclusion that unusually high for the animal world the duration of human life is provided with the correct lifestyle and medical advances.

"Естественная" продолжительность человеческой жизни оказалась неожиданно маленькой

“Naturally” members of the species Homo Sapiens lived only about 38 years, experts say, but in fact today the life expectancy of the average person twice.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Previously, some experts have suggested that even if the average life expectancy of people in the future will continue to grow, “upper limit” without intervention in the very nature of the human body, most likely, will remain unchanged. Dutch researchers from the Erasmus University came to the conclusion that the chances of men to live past 114 years, and women – more 115,7 years, in all likelihood, always will be extremely small. A year earlier another group of scientists from the Medical College of albert Einstein, published a little more optimistic, but similar to the forecast that 115 years will be a “medium to long” lifespan. The ‘maximum’ age, these researchers called for 125 years – the probability that at least one person on Earth will live longer than was estimated at 0.0001 percent.


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