Scientist: We are listening not only phones but also home appliances

Ученый: Нас прослушивают не только телефоны, но и бытовая техника

Who does not know the “trick”: once the “score” into a search engine the name of some things or services, as your computer will fall associated with this request is. And if you have to work on the server, and some colleagues were looking for, say, sneakers or underwear, then get ready and you in the next hour or two to get publicity panties and shoes.

However, this is all used, the surprise so far is the reaction of the phone. Like, the device is switched off, you to chat with each other, for example about machines, or about what kind of pool you can choose to the country. And soon you start to receive ads about cars and all varieties of pools that are in the stores. One day after talking about the apartments when the phone’s off (!) my friend got a call from the Agency and offered to find shelter.

Coincidence, paranoia? Or the numerous gadgets do hear what we say and at the slightest clue ready to put us a package of goods and services that may be of interest to us?

“RG” has decided to learn judgement of experts on information technology.

— No persecution here at anything, — the Director of Institute of Radioelectronics and information technologies of Ural Federal University Ilya Obabkov. — If your phone screen is not lit, this does not mean that it is off, it will turn off only when you pull out the battery (actually batteries). In this theory, any smart appliances connected to the Internet that has a microphone and camera able to hear us, no technical difficulties in this. With computers that automatically sends us is based on our queries all the more easier. Servers and analysis programs process the data and give the result in the form of ready-made proposals that we potentially might need that we could eventually buy.

According to experts, for anybody not a secret that manufacturers of smart technology today involved in the advertising industry, content, marketing and trading user data. Of course, anyone not directly advertised, but often users on personal experience convinced that all they write and speak, see and hear not only those to whom it is addressed.

— If you wish to check out the “auditory stimulation” phones to messages from the outside, it is possible to conduct an experiment, — said Ilya Obabkov, it absolutely empty, not a listening room smartphone, and within a few hours or even days to say three or four key words, for example, “stay”, “scuba”, “tickets”. Then try to interpret the results, using well-known search engine on this smartphone. The findings do themselves.

If we listen to all the phones without exception, as experts say, it is difficult to say exactly what buying equipment, very few of us read the user agreement. Usually we sign it without looking. And there may be a clause stating that the user agrees to collecting and reporting data on the use of the device, which he buys. But even if we assume that the buyer does not agree, the store can say that other devices, they can not offer. Do not be the same without the phone.

By the way, a recent study conducted in the USA proved that smart TVs Samsung, LG, Vizio and TCL every second remove the “fingerprints” of the screen and send to the server.

Four of the largest manufacturer of TV recording essentially everything that Americans look. Network traffic TV program studied IoT Inspector from Princeton University.

The average American spends in front of the TV for 3.5 hours a day. The history of TV does not contain sensitive search queries, or financial information, but this story allows you to create a detailed consumer profile. This is valuable information for advertisers, for which they are willing to pay.

And TV manufacturers are so possible, because from a legal point of view, tens of millions of TV buyers have given their permission for the collection of the data, not by removing the tick from the relevant menu items when you install.

The test showed that actively send data to the server only when working with applications, but even while watching television live.

TV record and send to the server the contents of the screen, regardless of the source signal, be it cable TV, app, DVD player or streaming.

The result is a second by second log you view different content on a TV that Vizio sells approximately 30 different companies.

It turns out that technically no problem with “wiretapping and prikladnoi” for all of us. Says Ilya Obabkov, even a vacuum cleaner with voice control connected to smart home system, can theoretically become a tool of collecting data about us. Any electronics specialist will confirm that your speakers and headphones can be turned into a microphone by hardware or software settings.

Afraid you after all this live, everyone answers this question for themselves individually. Some believe that this new technological reality and nothing wrong with that. Don’t care about us, almost all know, nothing gets in through a digitized, intelligent world. Others believe that this is a glaring omission and interference in our private lives.

Have been able to prove in court that this fact — the conversation particularly difficult. Legal services in companies-equipment manufacturers penetrating and very strong. They argue that collecting data about users, and how the gadget works. And certainly we are not talking about collecting personal information about users.

In such a situation, large companies seeking to preserve confidentiality of inside information, there are systems for data protection, the so-called security perimeter. Ordinary users, if they have concerns, experts advise to install specialized software (e.g. antivirus) and check the settings to access smartphone functions for all applications — not all of them to work you need to constantly see your location or the image from the camera.

By the way

Almost half of Russians make purchases in the Internet research on Yandex and marketing research Institute.

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