Missing Klebnikov reached out, announcing the deadly disease

The famous singer Marina Klebnikov did not appear in public and not been in touch. The artist broke the silence, making a frightening statement.

Singer Marina Klebnikov gave a Frank interview in which he confessed that she was terminally ill, reports LigaNews.

The singer said that she learned about the disease in far 2005, but even then she didn’t know what consequences all this will turn out.

Khlebnikov did not give a specific diagnosis, but only admitted that because this disease it is difficult to move. According to the singer, if not for her former spouse that all that time helped her cope with the disease, she just would not have survived.

“The disease was and is. There was a time when I could not only work, but to even get out of bed. Silent about their difficulties, so can’t complain…At that time I was closed in myself, pushed away all your friends… There remained only the parents, daughter and Anton – he’s not gone. He fed me with a spoon, was taken to the doctors,” shared Khlebnikov.

Also the artist said that she specifically doesn’t diseases to be spared and tried to help: “I’m not going to ring about it for the whole world. This is my personal”.

As you know, the 54-year-old Marina Hlebnikova became famous for his hits “the coffee Cup”, “Rain”, “Honey, get up!” and others.

As previously reported LigaNews, Pugachev went to great sacrifices for his career, losing the most precious thing in the world. Became known, the sacrifices had to go the prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva, to achieve what she has today.

It is also known that Rotaru long concealed the truth, but now she can not get away. Today revealed the innermost secrets of people’s artist Sofia Rotaru. Her admirers were stunned heard.


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