The woman’s face was swollen like a balloon from a terrible Allergy to hair dye

“My eyes are swollen, and I felt a million ants swarming in my head”,- said 37-year-old Julie Jakub from Perth (Western Australia). She couldn’t even open my eyes due to the fact that her face swelled up like a balloon.

The culprit turned out to be an allergic reaction to hair dye, which was used by Julie. Burning ulcers on the head tortured the girl more than 3 weeks after a failed painting.

“I don’t want that to happen again with me someday, and I would not wish anyone to go through what I went through”.

Julia Jakob, previously tinted hair. While she never had such allergic reactions. The only time she noticed a small irritation on the skin after treatment was over 15 years ago.

For the first time an allergic reaction to hair dye Julie came after a visit to the hairdresser in Perth.

“It seemed to me that the girl too much massaging my head and even using your nails. She was able to scratch them my skin. Then was applied the dye, which caused my first allergic reaction”.

Julie since then, no dyed hair, but seeing the gray hair, I bought chocolate brown packet dye. Since the failed painting was a lot of time, and she decided that nothing terrible should happen. 30 Oct 2019 she mixed the dye and applied it. Staining took only 15 minutes. She had no itching or stinging during or immediately after application, so she decided that all in cost.

The next day, Julie, as usual, went to work. Soon she felt her itchy neck, and asked a colleague to watch. He said that her throat burns.

Concerned that she had an allergic reaction, Julie took an antihistamine pill. But that evening she felt the pressure in my head, so I recorded the next day on reception to the doctor. The first manifestation was a terrible allergic redness and technote the skin on the head. For the treatment the doctor ordered Julie steroids. But things continued to deteriorate. Julie got the feeling like she was bitten by “one million ants”. The next day the woman’s face was swollen to such an extent that she could not even open my eyes. She had to go to the hospital. The treatment took more than 3 weeks.

“I thought that with me everything will be fine, and the Allergy disappeared. It’s been 15 years! But the doctor told me that if a reaction occurs, all subsequent symptoms will only get worse!”

How to avoid allergic reactions to hair dye?
For this you need to follow simple rules:

  • To do an Allergy test before using the paint (even previously tasted).
  • Follow the instructions supplied with the dye.
  • If after the test of irritation or discomfort, do not use the product.
  • Remember that allergic reactions with age, do not pass, but only intensified!

As shown by the results of laboratory research, the girl suffered an allergic reaction to a chemical that is contained in most hair dyes called PPD (PPD).


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