Pugacheva suddenly enriched by $ 30 million, and in this regard decide to change something in my life

Today it became known that the prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva made some good money thanks to one project and in this regard has made an important decision in life.

As many of you know, in Moscow recently released a documentary film about the concert of the famous actress Alla Pugacheva, which brought her a fabulous sum of money, reports LigaNews.

The prima Donna of the Russian show-business have paid for the film fees in the amount of 30 million rubles. It is noted that the premiere in the cinema was with incredible full. Many star friends of the actress also attended the event and congratulated the Diva with the success.

After receiving his fee Alla Borisovna has declared to journalists that is not going to go on stage in the next 10 years. According to her, due to the already not a young age, she needs her rest in the family circle.

However, surrounded by Pugacheva rumor has it that the favorite of the audience a huge workaholic and so she won’t be able to do without his beloved work.

As previously reported LigaNews, relative Alla Pugacheva anxious to meet with the artist. Alla has created his big strong family. So, the Diva already has adult grandchildren, as well as young children Lisa and Harry, who devotes most of their time and attention.

We also know that the grandson of Alla Pugacheva seriously ill, the star family is concerned. Nikita Presnyakov actively engaged in their social networks and communicates with fans. He is studying music and is the lead singer of his rock band. Grandson Alla Pugacheva has shared the news about his illness, which was seriously frightened by his star family.


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