The cosmonaut has called the main threat to mankind

Космонавт назвал главную угрозу для человечества

Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka described the conflicts between people and countries, the major threat to humanity. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

Predicted new deadly threat to humanity

According to him, on the ISS are working together 15 States, and all the cosmonauts and astronauts are ready to confirm that the main threat to humanity is not global warming or cooling and not the environmental catastrophe caused by man-made activities of mankind.

“The main problem is the conflict between people, between countries on Earth. We are flying there in space, working in such extreme conditions, shoulder to shoulder building space of the city in a confined space, I often wonder why we do not always use the same approaches here on Earth,” said Padalka, speaking in Beijing at the presentation of tourist potential of Russia and the events of the UEFA EURO 2020 in St. Petersburg.

The astronaut added that between space activities and tourism there are unifying factors, because tourism, like the international space program, promotes intercultural exchange and “improves the world”.

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