Moscow was established abnormally hot weather: this was not more than 60 years

Residents and guests of the capital of Moscow today could feel the record warm temperatures over the last 63 years. In the middle of the day the thermometer showed 2.9 degrees above zero.

Wednesday, December 16, in Moscow was established a record warm temperature. The thermometer at 12 o’clock showed 2.9 degrees Celsius. This in the capital was not in 1956.

Chief specialist of the hydrometcentre of Russia Marina Makarova said that 63 years ago, the temperature in Moscow was below 0.1 degrees and amounted to +2.8 degrees. She said that this achievement is a record only in the framework of a meteorological station ENEA, which has existed since 1948, reports TASS.

Makarov noted that the absolute record heat December 18 was recorded in 1886. Meteorologists as a result of comprehensive data analysis found that on this day more than 130 years ago was recorded a temperature of 5.3 degrees above zero.

The maximum temperature Wednesday is predicted later in the evening, said a meteorologist.

Last summer LIGAnews reported extreme weather in Romania, where the snow fell. A similar problem was faced in this year, residents of the Mexican city of Guadalajara.


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