The facts in favor of trump: the congressmen to vote for impeachment

Факты в пользу Трампа: конгрессмены голосуют за импичментIn the U.S. Congress held a debate ahead of a key vote on the impeachment of Donald trump. Charges the head of the country nominated on two counts: abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The emotional debate in the lower house, where the majority belongs to Democrats, should be completed by voting for or against the impeachment and then the final decision should be taken by the U.S. Senate — with a Republican majority.

In Washington held a debate ahead of a key vote on the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. They will last six hours, which will be split between the two parties.

“It is very sad that we are gathered here to conduct the impeachment of the President. But his reckless actions have left us no choice,” said initiated the process, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, who noted in his speech that the US President is “a threat to national security.”

Agree with her Congressman, Democrat Jim McGovern, representing the Congress of Massachusetts.

“He destroyed our democracy and our Constitution. The President uses our Constitution for personal gain. I don’t know what else could be the procedure for impeachment,” he says, noting the need for the ouster of the President of the United States.

The Congressman also said in his speech that the American leader had the opportunity to speak before the chamber and present his witnesses, but he chose not to.

No less emotional was the speech of Democrats. One of them is Ro Khanna, representing California, was called to draw attention to the fact that due to trump the state “is in decline”. He also quoted Abraham Lincoln, who urged “never to be indifferent to violations of the law.”

Democrats started the impeachment process against trump, suspecting him that he was detained by military aid to Kiev demanding that the Ukrainian President
Vladimir Zelensky to conduct an investigation in respect hunter Biden — the son of his political opponent Joe Biden.

The tramp declares that it demanded from Ukrainian authorities the fight against corruption. Republican leaders in their speeches focused on the thesis that the President of the United States has provided Ukraine with weapons — anti-tank Javelin, although a precursor to the trump Barack Obama has refused to do it.

On the eve of the legal Committee supported the nomination against trump charges on two counts — abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The document was supported by 23 members of the chamber voted against 17.

“Disgraceful impeachment”

A Republican from Arizona Debbie Lesko during the debate, tried to put pressure on opponents with emotion. So, she remembered how tiranium lived with her husband and didn’t even know that ever will be present at the impeachment proceedings.

The procedure itself she called “the most dishonest biased and loaded by the process” that she saw in life.

“No Democrat did not lead evidence that the President committed crimes which may be cause of impeachment,” said she, adding that “the Democrats are tearing this country apart”.

Her colleague Jackie Walorski of Indiana said Democrats have no respect for the interests of Americans.

“It is a shameful impeachment, which is done at the expense of Americans who want our country to move forward” — said the politician.

Another Republican Congressman Steve Scales reminded his colleagues that instead of voting on impeachment, they need to adopt a law aimed at reducing the cost of drugs.

“The facts speak in favor of trump,” — the politician said.

He noted that, unlike the impeachment proceedings against presidents Richard Nixon and bill Clinton, the proceedings against trump “began without a crime”. He listened carefully: Scales one of the most authoritative Republicans. In 2017, he was wounded by a terrorist-nationalist, who opened fire near Washington.

It should be noted that the Republicans tried under various pretexts to delay the voting process. One of the congressmen said that the representatives of national minorities do not have enough time for speeches Democrats gave them the laid day at the invitation of witnesses.

Despite the rather fierce debate, almost all the congressmen according to the traditions used the address “my friend” in the side of opponents and party colleagues passed each other their remaining speech time. The Congress was reminded that during performances it is necessary to adhere to the statements on articles of impeachment and not to Express negative emotions or personal animus against Trump.

At the suggestion of Republican Liz Cheney to stand “in front of the cameras” to those who are in favor of impeachment, was not supported.

During the vote, the Republicans have introduced five amendments to the outcome document. In particular, they demanded to remove the charges from all mention of the abuse of power on the part of trump, as well as to exclude from the document the name of Joe Biden — former Vice President of the United States. This was done to avoid accusations of politicization, as a Democrat, Biden — one of the candidates in the elections of 2020.

America is in schism

The tramp on the eve of voting he wrote a stiff letter to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, in which he accused her and other members of the Democratic party in violation of the Constitution.

“This impeachment is unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of authority on the part of legislators-Democrats. You dare to invoke the founding fathers in the promotion of this scheme is invalid, and your evil actions show contempt for the founders,” — said trump.

As stated by the President of the United States, supporting impeachment, Pelosi is violating her oath, and also declares “open war” of American democracy.

According to trump, the Congress is obliged to focus not on impeachment, and “an unprecedented abuse of power” by the FBI during the elections of 2016.

“I am writing you this letter for the history, but also to document my thoughts,” trump continued, adding the inability to change the position of the Democrats.

Lawyer trump Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said that he was able to gather witnesses and documents proving that the Democrats are the current impeachment proceedings tried to conceal violations of law by the company Burisma and the involvement of the part of its Board of Directors hunter Biden to the laundering of millions of dollars. Their statements Giuliani illustrated fragments of the film-investigation.

It is worth noting that public opinion in the US split on the issue of impeachment. According to a survey of influential sociological Quinnipiac University (Quinnipiac) in Connecticut, 45% of Americans voted that trump should impeach the President, 51% did not support his resignation.

The rating of trump has reached its highest level over the past six months, despite the threat of impeachment. According to the survey, presidential activity trump approve 43% of the citizens do not approve — 52%. Before the hearings on the impeachment of the head of the White house has approved only 38% of respondents.

According to one of the authors of the survey, Mary snow, such outcomes are associated with good economic situation: reduced unemployment, record high securities.

At the same time 52% believe that the President of the United States cared about personal gain in relations with Kiev, and only 40% believe that the head of the country fought for the national interests.

On voting day, trump was in Massachusetts, where he spoke to supporters at a campaign rally.

However, supporters of impeachment were also rallied in the state and across the country. According to representatives of left-liberal groups, in different States the day the debate was scheduled 600 such events, which were planned to take part more than 200 thousand people.


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