The girl died because of MRI

Schoolgirl died after the usual seemingly magnetic resonance imaging, when doctors did not detect a dangerous disease girls.

Alice is Broken (14 years old) died of heart failure a few days after the procedure of MRI, she was injected with anesthetic.

At the hearing, the coroner about the death of a child, it became known that she had a disease because of which her heart was twice the normal, but the doctors didn’t check it. She was given a dose of a conventional anesthesia to help her cope with the anxiety about the MRI and find out why she suffers from frequent headaches. But after an MRI it was immediately taken to children’s hospital.

The child’s parents said they repeatedly complained to the doctors for a number of girl’s symptoms, including respiratory failure.

Three days later the child died, and the coroner said that the decision not to check all of her symptoms led to the fact that she “died unexpectedly and prematurely”.

Announcing the verdict yesterday, coroner Dr Simon Fox said that the cause of death was a lack of control over conservative treatment. He said that the death of Alice brought 4 medical causes of mitochondrial disease, Multisystem organ failure, myocardial fibrosis and cardiac failure due to anesthesia.

It is reported that the girl also had autism, eye problems and hypermobility.

After her death, mom and dad Sarah and Nathan have started a campaign to change procedures in hospitals and to improve the investigation of possible heart problems.

Giving evidence at the coroners ‘ court, Sarah said when she was told that her daughter will die. “They brought us in and told us that there is nothing they can do for her, she will die. We said that we didn’t have time to explain it. It’s only been 9 hours since she played Lego with me and then you say that she will die. I told them, please, just try to do something to bring her back”, said Sarah.

“She went to the hospital, singing songs, laughing and being happy, and then never came home. It feels like every day you Wake up in a nightmare. I spend my days cared about Alice and is now completely lost”.


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