Zavorotnyuk endangered family actress took emergency measures

On suffering a deadly disease, the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk struck another nuisance. Relatives of the actress doing everything you can to cope with the situation.

The whole country continues to pray for the healing of the stars of “My fair nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, but unfortunately, no prayer will help the actress to defend themselves from the attacks of the arrogant people, reports LigaNews with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

In a formal support group suffering from cancer actress has a new publication that was seriously scared fans of the actress.

As already known, in the official microblogging “Instagram” was organized by the group, which reported true news about the state of health of a seriously ill actress.

Leading this group is close to Anastasia said that the actress followed by unknown men. The group was even published pictures of these “well-wishers”, and under them the angry treatment from relatives suffering from cancer actress, who does not intend to tolerate such insolent behavior.

“I want to ask these men who in the photo: do you have children, parents, someone who are dear to you in life? In case of trouble with your loved ones, you would protect their peace or tried to make it hurt more? Somewhere there is a limit to this arrogance and rudeness? If you because of their age think only about career ambitions, believing that he will never be in the place of the heroes of your stories, it is a very short-sighted. Life is too unpredictable,” said the family Zavorotnyuk.

Close Zavorotnyuk also again raised the issue of blatant harassment of journalists, who only dream of for any money to find out information about the condition of the seriously ill actress.

“How would you feel if someone would be so unceremoniously to speculate on your health? To offer employees medical facilities to trade information about patients is low. We again ask you not to cross the border and leave us alone!” said the family of the actress.

As previously reported LigaNews, Zavorotnyuk after a long silence collapsed with a frightening statement. Daughter suffering from cancer, actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna could no longer remain silent. The girl told the whole world about the trouble which she struck.

It is also known that the husband of car crash Chernyshev radically changed life: near skater spotted a new partner. As many know, the popular actress Cameron Zavertnik is now fighting with cancer. Family round the clock near the actress, however, in addition to her husband, who is actively busy with my career.


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