New gas contract between Russia and Ukraine in Kyiv made a prediction

Today the signing of a new agreement on the transit of Russian gas through territory of Ukraine is equal to zero. This opinion was voiced by Andrey Kobelev, the head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. However, he also stressed that despite all the obstacles on the approaching date of December 31, Kiev believes in a bright future.

KOBOLEV said that the signing of a new agreement with Russia on gas transit in jeopardy, but there is still little hope for the best, informs resource However, with each passing day the probability “approaches zero”, since 31 Dec is approaching.

Last week, KOBOLEV said that if we fail to sign with Russia the new contract on gas transit, the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow will be rescheduled for the spring of 2020. In this case, Ukraine has stated that the chances of signing the gas contract may be increased only if the US President will sign new sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

31 December 2019 expires the gas contract between Ukraine and Russia that was signed in 2009. Kyiv wants Moscow’s new long-term contract, and Russia at the signing of the agreement for a period of one year.


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