Volodin has published love horoscope for the year 2020: “Serious feelings can erupt…”

Vasilisa Volodina said, in what periods of the coming year the best place to find second half and to arrange a romantic date. He also called unfavorable periods.

The astrologer Vasilisa Volodin called the period to 2020, which is best suited for building personal relationships. The first period will begin on 20 December this year.

It is from this time begins “a magical romantic time”, during which people are actively looking for a couple of meetings. The coming Christmas holidays but will enhance the effect of romance, according to the Russian Dialogue. In this period you will be easier to find a common language with the interviewees, and they, in turn, will become more open.

The second phase will occur from 14 January to 7 February 2020, when Venus will move into Pisces. Even the most inveterate bachelors in this time not resist the arrows of Cupid. In the air will literally soar tenderness and love.

Favorable relations will also course Venus in Taurus (from 5 March to 3 April) and Scales (from 28 October to 21 November). During these periods, the astrologer offers not to sit still, but to act. You can go to visit friends and family, there is a chance to make new acquaintance, which will grow into a serious sense. Don’t ignore the fresh air, trips to the cinema and exhibitions.

Those couples who have long together, next year can change your status, and couples will receive an offer of marriage.

But not the entire year will be conducive to meetings and creation of pairs. According to the forecast Volodya, caution should be exercised from February 8 to March 4, from 3 to 27 October, and 22 November to 15 December.


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