Named the most popular used crossovers in Russia

Названы самые популярные подержанные кроссоверы в России

The domestic market of the brand slowly but steadily growing against the background of falling sales of new cars: experts attribute this to the migration of customers. The same thing is happening in the crossover segment, where a person is the November leader is not surprising.

In November in our country has changed owners 108 200 used crossovers and SUVs: calculations of the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, this was 2% more than in the same month last year. And the most popular crossover SUV with mileage in Russia was three-door version of Lada 4×4-deals on this model was done about 8,5 thousand times.

If the results of the “old Fields” comparable to last year’s achievements, the popularity of most of the other participants of leading five have grown. For example, second-place Chevrolet Niva became in demand by 2% to 6.8 thousand cars, and the Toyota RAV4 have gained 7 percent to 4.1 million units.

Nissan X-Trail bought and sold 3.3 thousand times, that is about the same as last year, and Renault Duster changed hands on 17% more often – that is, 3.3 thousand cases.

Названы самые популярные подержанные кроссоверы в России

The second half of dozens of the most popular used SUV made by Nissan Qashqai (3,2 thousand units, +3%), Mitsubishi Outlander (2,7 thousand cars, -2%), Volkswagen Tiguan (2,3 thousand units, +12%), Honda CR-V (2,3 thousand cars, -6) and UAZ Patriot (1.9 thousand units, +13%).

As for the new crossovers in November in the Top 20 most popular cars included the Hyundai Creta (7 273 cars), Volkswagen Tiguan (3 718), Renault Duster (3 443 machine), Kia Sportage (2 942 car), Lada 4×4 (919 2 cars), Toyota RAV4 (2 672 units), Skoda Kodiaq (2 553 cars) and Nissan Qashqai (2 458 pieces).


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