In Britain, the 2-year-old girl turned into an old woman due to a mutation

The Western media told the story of two year old Isla Kilpatrick-Sciton which has gained much fame due to a rare mutation, which she like a lady, reports the Daily Mail.

В Британии 2-летняя девочка превратилась в старушку из-за мутации

We are talking about mandibulofacial dysplasia, also referred to as Benjamin Button’s disease. All the world was described 40 such cases, but Kilpatrick-Scraton all unique. Due to a mutation in the cells of the process is very fast, to result the girl grew old very quickly and now like a little grandma.

Isla was born prematurely at week 36. Her weight at birth was up to 2.3 kg. In the beginning of the life path she has found health problems. The baby was transferred to the intensive care unit, where she spent 5 days.

Soon Isla was diagnosed mandibulofacial dysplasia. The girl has underdeveloped lower jaw and collarbone, little subcutaneous fat, the Airways are narrowed, and the cells quickly grow old. Baby in two years, weighs 7 lbs. She does not know how to cry, so the parents use a special device to determine what her problem is.

The doctors don’t know how to cure the Isla, as this case was unique. However, parents care about the “little baby”, and make every effort to help her to recover.


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