“Slackers”: Trump impeach Notebook Russia

But to talk about retirement earlier, since the decision of the Chamber must still approve the Senate of the United States, where the majority – representatives of the Republican party.

The house of representatives voted for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and at once under two articles of the charges of abuse of power and obstructing the work of Congress.

As reported today by TASS, in the first article of the indictment on the excess trump their authority was supported by 230 members of Congress, 197 opposed, and one abstention. The second article was given to 229 votes, against voted-198 congressmen, with one abstention. Naturally, the reaction from trump followed immediately.

“Slackers Democrats openly Express their deep hatred for American voters. This lawless and politically motivated impeachment March is political suicide of the Democratic party,” hit the President for congressional Democrats, speaking to supporters in Michigan.

Discussion of impeachment was held against the backdrop of rallies in support of trump across the country. The American leader announced that as a result of all the hassle of impeachment has increased his popularity among voters.

“Have you seen my ratings for the last few weeks? It’s crazy. Democrats in the House of representatives are trying to quash the voices of tens of millions of American patriots,” —said the American President.

When speaking about opponents, Donald trump does not mince words, calling them “fools”, fools, “fools”. It should be noted that in reality the Democrats are not so easy to dismiss trump. The decision of the house of representatives still needs to approve the U.S. Senate, and there the majority is the party of the President. Chairman

the judicial Committee of the Senate Republican Lindsey Graham has promised to do everything to impeachment “disappeared” in the walls of the upper chamber of Congress.


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