Mom shot son, the last time receiving cure for cancer

Stephen Kotter from Norman, Oklahoma was only 6 years old when he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August of 2016, reports news Agency ABC.

The boy, who is now 9, began chemotherapy within a few days after he was diagnosed. Since then, he has followed a strict medical regimen, and every day was in chemo, until last weekend.

Very emotional video, which the mother of Stephen Ashley posted on Facebook, shows the moment her son last week took the last medicine chemotherapy. In the video Stephen is sitting at the living room table, keeps his head on his hand, and before him there were rows of small containers with medications. The boy wept with joy when he swallowed the last pill. He clearly couldn’t believe that he would take the last medicine given the fact that they saw 3 long years. Judging from the great number of jars with drugs that are on the table, the child had very, very difficult.

PRAISE GOD!!! Little mans VERY LAST CHEMO!!! BIG TEARS OF JOY❤️❤️❤️ Sorry no sound but you can just feel it❤️❤️

Geplaatst door Ashley Cotter op Zaterdag 14 december 2019

After drinking the medicine, he rose from his chair, as if feeling victorious in this fight against cancer.

Stephen cheer the younger brother of the boy and a friend. They embraced the Kotter and ran around the room. “Finally,”shout the boys. “You did, babe,”adds Ashley.

At this point it is simply impossible to hold back the tears, looking at the guys.

“No sound”, signed it live on the social network. “But you can feel it”.

“He did so many blood transfusions and platelet transfusions over the last 3 years, so many medicines and hospital visits remain”,- said Ashley ABC. But Stephen was able to fight the cancer “with a smile on your face and holding your head high”– wrote Ashley in a separate post with a picture in which the boy sits at the table before chemotherapy. “I could not be more proud of them”.


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