Francis abolished the “papal secrecy” in cases of pedophile priests

Франциск отменил "папскую тайну" по делам священников-педофилов

Pope Francis has decided on the rejection of “papal secrecy” in the cases of cases of sexual abuse by priests, reports on Tuesday Agency Associated Press.

According to the document, information about such incidents can be publicized with the moment when the alleged attacker indicted or the case comes to court.

The decision was made amid criticism of the Catholic Church due to the fact that its canons allow to hush up cases of pedophilia and to prevent the consequence, as, in particular, victims of violence may be considered “papal secret” as a ban on contacting the cops.

The document was published on the birthday of the Pope on Tuesday he was 83 years old, reports “Interfax”.

“Pontifical secrecy” on sexual abuse by priests has left Pope Benedict XVI in 2001. Then the Vatican claimed that the measures required in the interests of victims of violence and to protect the reputation of suspects.

At the beginning of this year in Vatican at the initiative of Pope Francis hosted a meeting of Church leaders where the question was raised about pedophilia among priests. However, the Catholic clergy have come to the conclusion that such cases of sexual violence have nothing to do with celibacy (or celibacy).


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