Due to the negligence of doctors the woman still had the “4 Breasts” after surgery

A woman from China was shocked when he found “four Boobs” operations cost more than $30 thousand

A resident of the Chinese city of Shenzhen said that decided to go under the surgeon’s knife after childbirth. But after the surgery she discovered that the breast something not so: each had two growth. The woman hurried medical help. When she came to the hospital, the doctor was so shocked by what he saw that he exclaimed: “Damn it, you have four Boobs!”

The devastated woman told her story in the show on the Chinese channel of the Guangdong Public Channel.

In addition, the woman claims that he woke up during the operation, despite the General anesthesia. She also has a scar on his left hand: according to the surgeons, it was the trail from the burn — but the victim has doubts about the veracity of their words. According to Ladbible, the operation was worth 230,000 yuan ($32 million).

The hospital denies the allegations of negligence, however, has already offered to reimburse the cost of the procedure and to pay the victim 30,000 yuan in damages. The woman did not agree with this amount, stating that the surgery could not work for months and have experienced a lot of stress.


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