In the Internet appeared data from more than 267 million users of the social network Facebook

In December, one of the hacker forums there was a database with personal information of more than 267 million users of the social network Facebook. This was reported by the British research company Comparitech.

According to her, the leak has mainly affected people in the US. The Internet got their phone numbers and full names, and unique identifier of the Facebook account. Experts believe that the theft of data can be involved hackers from Vietnam.

According to the report Comparitech, the database appeared on the Internet on 4 December. 12 December it became available for download on a hacker forum (which forum is it not specified). Two days later database found collaborating with Comparitech expert Bob Dyachenko, who reported his find to the Internet service provider that controls the IP address of the forum. On December 19, the database was unavailable.

Our database provided data 267 436 million 140 thousand users of Facebook. According to Mr. Dyachenko, most of the accounts were valid. How exactly the attackers managed to obtain information about users of the social network is unclear. In Comparitech believe that hackers could use scraping (the technology of obtaining data from the web pages). In addition, Facebook may be a breach in the security system, made in the British company


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