Polina Gagarina caught in a serious violation of the law: to avoid liability will not happen

The famous actress Polina Gagarina run into serious problems. Singer was accused in a serious crime, the consequences of which have rapidly made themselves felt.

Singer Polina Gagarina misfortune struck. The artist may lose your accumulated years of reputation, reports LigaNews with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

It became known that all the well-known favorite of the audience was accused of a serious crime – plagiarism.

It all started with the fact that some singer Olga Kormukhina said that Gagarin stole her arrangement of the hit. According to her, Heath Pauline “Cuckoo” is very similar to one of her songs.

“Repeated vocal texture, tempo, guitar solo. For me, it’s just crazy,” said Kormukhina.

It is worth noting that Gagarin almost immediately asked the court to thoroughly investigate the incident, but the case still goes on.

Journalists managed to find out that the representatives of Gagarin is still not presented the court with any argument on the merits in his defense. If this goes on, the artist will lose the court.

At the end of January there will be a trial, and if the advocates of Pauline will not be able to prove her innocence, they will not only be fined but also take away her famous hit “the Cuckoo” and handed over to Kormukhina.

As we previously reported, after car crash: media scared the news about the health problems of Polina Gagarina. In the media there have been disturbing reports about the sudden health problems of the well-known singer Polina Gagarina.

It is also known that Gagarin told about the attack during a concert. Russian singer Polina Gagarina frankly admitted, as during one of his speeches she had an attack of sciatica.


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