Well-known blogger Erica how to check engine temperature being persecuted in Moscow and St Petersburg: he was threatened with murder

The blogger Eric how to check engine temperature was a real organized surveillance and harassment. First he was threatened in Moscow, then spat in St. Petersburg. Now the victim and the attackers are the police.

Known blogger Eric how to check engine temperature received death threats in Moscow. It all happened in front of 4 witnesses. The victim wrote a statement to the police.

The incident happened in the tech center on Ash in broad daylight, reports the Telegram-channel Mash on the Sink. Four people (Director, associate, service operator and an occasional visitor) saw two guys Erica demanded 25 million rubles.

The blogger said that the guys didn’t come empty handed. They were armed with a gun threatened him. When the victim is not told for what “services” he may require such a large amount.

It is noteworthy that shortly thereafter, all defendants moved to St. Petersburg, according to Mash. The extortionists were tracked down how to check engine temperature on the storis in Instagram and spat in his face.

The blogger arrived at the shooting on the waterfront, but there came the group of guys. As a driver was the person who introduced myself to blogger how to check engine temperature “Swede”.

The shooting quickly turned, and then how to check engine temperature and his friends tried to escape. They caught up with “the Swede” and spat the how to check engine temperature on the sleeve, accompanying all this obscene threats.

The chase continued, and then Eric went to the police post and asked for help. Now all the participants of the incident are in police of Petersburg.


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